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Unfortuantly, the rest of the gameplay kapsels rood haar kort falls short.
2 - VOW system: You can change your character's personality in Exhibition mode by completing certain missions using what's called a VOW system.
But if you complete enough VOWs that are against your character's alignment, her personality will change.This is the game which has caused me to printable coupons burger king savings create a Metacritic account and submit my first ever game review on the Internet.Combine this with ridiculously overpriced fifa points and you soon realise that FUT is now completely unplayable.Modern Warfare 2 is (Obviously) the sequel to Modern Warfare, A game I've never played, come to think of it, I've never played any Call of Duty, so I hoped, at least, this game would be friendly to new people to the series, unfortunately.How in teh hexx0r do I not take any damage.If you wanna laugh your ass off, this is where you are guaranteed to do just that.The button mapping is slightly different though.But if you play SmackDown!Except for VOW #30.The game has good controls, which pretty much every game needs to have to be a good one, having an amazingly complex controls won't get you very far.I simply can't be bothered to continue.Just when I thought I had (almost) defeated my game-rage I made the mistake of playing this game.For a game with so much hype and expectations, and my 45 it really isn't good enough, I had started to wish I rented the game instead.Anyway has a whole, special ops is good fun, even more with a friend, but still is good fun without 1, and seems to be a replacement for Nazi Zombies (Which I've played 1 game of round a friends house, it was awesome) from World.Gameplay This is the only place this game shines, it's game play is nice and simple, very easy to slip into it and I fount it really easy to grasp the controls, it was also very responsive and really, the best part of the game.I am struggling to think of anything else positive to say about this game, except for the fact that this is the game which has seen me break free of the chains which have kept me coming back to fifa year after year.This game is teh r many reasons.
More about the multi-player flaws later.

Some other things include: -passing is clunky and slow -Lobbed through balls are frequently underhit/too easily intercepted -Shooting is inconsistent and shots regularly under/overhit or fired completely off-target -'Pacey' players feel slow, so slow that Mertesacker can keep up with Aguero, even when not jostling.
I traded it in for Call of Duty: Black Ops.
So, I'd go with 4, "Game is unremarkable and flawed" completely sums up my feelings for the majority of the game, and it gets an entire 2 points for Spec Op's missions.